Friday, July 21, 2006


Ok. I'm new here, wherever here is. I've just recently discovered blogs, and have been wildly entertained by some of them. Makes me want to have one of my own. I guess I should probably tell you who the hell I am, and why I might want to have one of my own.

At 41, I've been a musician, a writer, and a spoken word performer, and now I design and build furniture. I've been a hustler since I was 12, and trying to do creative things to stop the voices in my head for my entire life. It's all I know, at this point.

Eventually, I suppose I'll tell you all of it, but what I do now, the furniture - the stuff I like to do is fine-art-sculptural type work, but there's a balance necessary to making a living - I also design/build fairly traditional furniture, and do custom work for the design trade, which makes up about 30-40% of my year. Sometimes, there's an 'ugly tax' involved in that end of the work. I haven't decided yet if I'll link to my work - I guess it all depends on how honest I end up being about my feelings on some of these things. Truth is, I don't think my ego will be able to stand not showing you what a badass I am for too long, so we'll have to see.

Anyway, 15 years ago or so, I started writing every day, most of it 'angry young man' type ranting - some of it pretty dark. Some of it was shit, some of it wasn't. Eventually, the stuff that wasn't, built up enough for me to compile a book and sell it at spoken word performances. Never really tried to publish it officially, I was too busy fighting with the music industry for that back then. Being that I continued to write, and was writing spoken word pieces, a whole lot more piled up. I haven't done anything with any of it for years, and I often wish I had. I also miss writing for an audience sometimes, and it'd be fun to do so with the alleged wisdom of the 'I'm over 40 now' head. Enter the world of blogs.

Here's my plan (" dawn, Lancelot and I leap out of the rabbit, taking the castle by surprise..."):

I'm going to put out all that material, a little at a time, right here. And, I'm going to break it up with current stories/rants/etc. that seem worthy. If it ends up sucking, no one will read it and I'll probably stop. If it doesn't - well, then I'm sure I'll see if I can find a way to fuck it up. What makes this an interesting experiment to me is that I've never tried to put it all together - all the crazy random thoughts and opinions, the years as a musician, the writing, being a designer and a fabricator of my own and other people's impossible dreams, everything all in one place. I end up talking often about how it all seems like a seamless pile to me, to people who ask me things like, "why aren't you playing anymore?" or, "what did you do in your previous life/career?"

So in the posts to come, it's all going to get thrown out on the pile, and then we'll see what it actually looks like. I suppose I'll try to find ways to make it clear where things come from, and when. I don't have the slightest idea yet how I'll do that, we'll just have to figure it out as we go...

The first few official posts will be taken directly from the book I mentioned, to get things moving. A collection of short pieces, I called it "The Monkey and The Rock."


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