Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More for sale...and/or still for sale. Updated prices - 3/21.

Okay, new update, removing things that are gone, adding things that weren't there before, blah blah blah...

36” Tannewitz Bandsaw 5hp 3ph  37” x 66” 1965 very good condition.  $3500.00 Make me an offer.

Wadkin table saw PK20 5 hp 3ph 51” x 40”  Cast iron extension table and legs 32” x 39.”  Beisemeyer fence.  Two gorgeous cast iron miter gauges.  Several really nice blades, 14" and 18". (I also have the original blade cover where that piece of plywood is, found this a better seal for dust collection.  I forgot I had it until after I took the pics!)  Note:  I also have a really nice Forrest 12" dado set for this saw, which sells new for $410. Make me an offer.
Late 1950's/early 60's  good condition.  $1500.00 SOLD.

Wadkin CD1 Radial Arm saw.  Takes up to 18" blade.  3ph 5hp 24” x 72” Includes 3 cast iron stanchions. 1940's? 50's?  A beautiful beast.  Good condition.  $500.00

Northfield 16” Heavy-Duty Jointer 16HD - 3ph 5hp (35” x 97”)
Includes cast iron dust collection hood (not shown), mounts underneath.  Well-maintained, motor serviced (replaced bearings) within last year.

• Infeed Table 21" x 51"
• Outfeed Table 21" x 43" with 2.5" x 5/8" Rabbeting Ledge
• Fence 5-1/2" x 52"• Fence Tilts to 45 Degrees• Motor: 5HP, Belt Drive (only needs 1 foot to wall)
• Three (3) Knife Round Cutterhead
• Knife Length: 16"
• Swing Away Cutterhead Guard
• New Price:  $18,000+
• 220v, 3ph

1952  very good condition.  $4500.00 SOLD.

Yates #2 Shaper- 40” x 56”  5HP motor, 220v 3ph.  Either a very cool project, or a massive paperweight.  This was once a very cool machine.  Needs a bunch of work now - a lot of surface rust, arbor is bent.  I figure it's worth about $350 as scrap metal, I'll take anything for it - it's got a bid on eBay now:

Vises - we've all got 'em!  I've got a Record No. 53 Quick release 4" x 10 1/2" x 15 1/4" for $250.00, a Wilton, 4" x 10" x 12 1/4" with dog  for $150.00, a Columbian (7FB?), 4" x 7" x 9" with quick release and dog for $175.00, and a surprisingly nice Czech Record knockoff, quick release and dog, 2 3/4" x 7 1/4" x 8"  for $100.  I'm happy to entertain offers...

Pics of all but the knockoff:

Tons of lumber.  Literally, tons.  Only the best - highest grade walnut, cherry, mahogany, lots of other stuff.  Various thicknesses, high percentage of 8/4 and 16/4 stock.  Come and look, or make me an offer for the entire wall.
And a ridiculously overbuilt super lumber rack system.  The racks are steel 2 x 4 tubes, 10'6" tall, with three 36" arms and one 24" arm (the lowest one).  $500.00.  I'll throw in the Angus Young poster.
Steel racks are sold, sorry.  Lumber and Angus Young poster still available.

There's also cabinets, fans, fixtures, humidifiers, AC unit, chairs, boxes of veneer, ladders, and oh, my god, a lot of plywood, including sapele, cherry, doug fir, among others.    Garbage pails, fire extinguishers, blades, mini fridge, it goes on forever.  Come and see.  Buy some stuff.  Bring coffee.

Hurry up and buy the plywood, I'm making crates out of stuff that sells new for $250 a sheet!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

For Sale

Selling off a whole bunch of machinery and needed a place to post it all - will continue to update with prices and new offerings as I can. For starters, here's the specs and the photos, including footprint measurements.  Anyone interested can email me at or call or text 917.749.5554 - thanks!

UPDATE 1/26/14: Okay, I'm adding prices and additional things for sale.  All prices are asking price - I found each of these things for sale or recently sold and copied the prices, for the most part.  Feel free to make me an offer on whatever you're looking for.   All the saws come with a bunch of really nice blades and fixtures, outfeed tables, miter guages, manuals, etc. I have many accessories for things that I'm happy to throw in.

Okay, new items:

Leigh Dovetail Jig 24" - very good condition.  $300.00  Includes a dozen or so router bits.

Lex Aire HVLP turbine spray system (with gun), in good condition.  NEW PRICE! $400.00

Freidich 10,000BTU air conditioner.  Gimme $50, it's yours.

Please keep checking back, there'll be more.  There's also lots of lumber...and plywood...and stuff...

Martin T-71 Sliding table saw  65” x 65”  Extra extension x-cut table 53” x 65”
10' sliding table 3PH 5HP  1984 excellent condition
$8500.00 SOLD

 36” Tannewitz Bandsaw 5hp 3ph  37” x 66” 1965 very good condition.  $6500.00

Wadkin table saw PK20 5 hp 3ph 51” x 40”  cast iron extension table and legs 32” x 39”  late 1950's/early 60's  good condition.  $1500.00

Grizzly 2hp single bag dust collector.  $225.00

Powermatic 40” horizontal belt sander model 13 1ph 1½ hp 115v 13” x 48”  $650.00
Rockwell-Delta Belt/disk sander Model 31-710  12” disc 1ph 220v 1 ½ hp   18” x18”  1970's, I'd guess.  Needs some love.  I just put a brand new motor in it, never got around to adjusting belt system to run properly.  $400.00

Powermatic spindle sander 014 14 ½” square table $250.00

Delta 17-900 drill press 1ph 3/4ph 13” x 20” Good condition.  $500.00

Delta/Milwaukee 1460 12" Lathe 36” between centers-12”d 18” x 58” 3/4hp 1ph (Nova chuck not included).  $450.00  SOLD

SawStop  CB53230 3ph 5hp  34” x 44” 30” x 40” extension table excellent condition.  $3250.00

Grizzly dbl bag 1ph 220v 3hp  $475.00

Martin Planer T41A 25” 3ph (hp 5? 7.5?) 42” x 52” with cast iron dust hood  1969 very good condition.  $5500.00

Northfield 16” Heavy-Duty Jointer 16hd-3ph 5hp (35” x 97”) with cast iron dust hood.  1952  very good condition.  $4500.00

 Okay, I'll dust it off...

Delta 14” Bandsaw 28-216 (saw)  52-941 (base) 1ph 18” x 24”  $750.00

Wadkin Radial Arm saw 3ph 5hp 24” x 72” + 3 cast iron stanchions 1940's?  A beautiful beast.  Good condition.  $1500.00

Jet dc-650 1hp single bag dust collector.  $200.00

Yates #2 Shaper- 40” x 56” Either a very cool project, or a massive paperweight.  This was once a very cool machine.  Needs a bunch of work now - a lot of surface rust, motor is good but arbor is bent.  I'll get some pics to show...

Singer sewing machine 20”d x 30”w x 32”h I might just sell this fabulous sewing table, and keep the machine.  It was my Mom's.  Make me an offer if it interests you, either way.

 Drafting table oak base 35” x 60” Vemco drafting arm - yeah, yeah, I'll clean it off and get better shots.